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Welcome to the official website and blog for Growing + Growing — I'm so happy you're here!

I want to briefly introduce myself before diving into some new blog posts: My name is Ariel and I started Growing + Growing in late 2019 as a means not only of sharing my love and passion for plants, but also as a way to track growth. I'm 24 years old and I currently live in the Pacific Northwest, in the Seattle-area, with my partner, our two kittens, and an ever-growing collection of plants.

My passion for plants is something that grew slowly. I remember my first interactions with nature and gardening with my parents in our front yard, planting tulips. I remember being so excited to see how these bulbs would magically turn into beautiful flowers over a matter of weeks. Sadly, these bulbs became a snack for the local squirrel family, so we planted some fully-sprouted pansies instead. My second most distinct plant memory is that of my first ever indoor plant — a little spider plant for my desk! This plant survived about a year before it died of root rot or something. Long story short: plants seem to have trickled their way into a handful of my memories and experiences growing up, thus once I rediscovered my passion for nurturing nature, it skyrocketed from there.

Fast-forward to the end of my junior year of college — my housemates and I decide to spruce up our shared home a few blocks away from campus and popped over to our local Ikea. Little did I know that a quick trip to Ikea would result in bringing back a few plants and thus sparking an obsession that has now turned a good chunk of my current living space into an urban jungle. And I still have that plant from Ikea sitting on my shelf, looking as good as ever.

But this plant journey hasn't always been easy, and I hope to dive a little more into this in future blog posts. The trials and tribulations of plant parenthood are part of the journey in connecting with nature, and later, connecting back with yourself.

If you're new here, I would love to connect with you on Instagram, where I share the majority of my content. While my main focus here is plants, I am also incredibly passionate about wellness, mental health, and self care, so you can often find me trying to connect the dots between humans and our plant friends.


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