Welcome to the official website for Growing + Growing. 

Growing + Growing began in the late summer of 2019 as a means not only of sharing my love and passion for plants, but also as a way to track growth. With over 12K Instagram followers in 2020 alone, and numerous partnerships, Growing + Growing now focuses on the wellness aspects of plant parenthood. From tips and tricks on keeping your plants happy to shared experiences on mental health and ways plants can help you heal, there's something for everybody - no green thumb required. 

About Me

My name is Ariel and I'm 24. I currently live in the Seattle area with my partner, two cats, and an ever-growing collection of plants. I received a degree in psychology and philosophy, with particular interest in mental health and helping others. Coming out of school, I always thought my career path would lead me down the mental health route, and I had plans on becoming a counselor or a psychologist. As I gained experience as a counselor for a little over a year, and interned with another organization for a number of years, I learned a lot about myself and the effect this type of role was having on me. I wanted to help people, but the emotional impact was tough, especially with my own battles with depression and anxiety to juggle alongside. 

Today, I work in the tech industry as a coordinator, and I love my job. The one question I always get, however, is: so where does your degree fit into all of this?  My full-time job allows me to help people achieve their goals and I still get to interact with people on a day-to-day basis. But what excites me is that I've turned my passion for mental health into something else entirely


Gardening and plants have always been a part of my life, but my passion for indoor plants really took off in 2016. As my plant collection grew, the real turning point was 2019 when I created an Instagram page to document my trials and tribulations of plant parenthood. The goal of this was really just to share my love for plants, but as the community grew, I began to open up more about how plants have impacted my mental health. Now, my focus is on helping people discover the magic of plants, find strength in mental illness, and creating an open and safe environment for all.